Who We Are

We believe that every company needs data science and algorithms to stay on top of today’s overwhelming speed of innovation. We advise and help to turn your company into a data driven company by making data science comprehensible and usable for everybody in your organization.


Factbase is our software-as-a-service and affordable data platform. You can use it to capture, analyze, profile and target your customers. The setup can be done in minutes, which prevents lengthy and costly implementation times. And all data will come in your own database.
Factbase is a combination of proven and disruptive technologies to ensure you work with the best. The 100% online drag & drop reporting interface gives immediate access to your data from any device or location.

  • Works on your own database
  • Gathers data fully automated from all your existing databases and online services (e.g. Salesforce or Facebook)
  • Creates 360° customer profiles from all your data
  • Creates a single source of truth that can be used by all data consumers
  • Democratizes your data with online drag & drop reporting
  • Captures online behaviour real-time
  • Handles exabytes of data with the benefits of todays speed and pricing
  • Delivers high quality data ready for every algorithm
  • Is GDPR compliant by design

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Data Advisory

Where do you want to be in five years time? And what are the implications to your business model, portfolio mix, culture and value proposition? And how can you make sure that you stay on top of the latest developments in data science in your industry? Number Associates advises you on developing your bigger picture and helps you with breaking it down to practical steps you should take to change your team, culture and technology.

Data Science

What data science algorithms work best in your industry with the specific challenges your company faces? What parts can be trained to your team and what parts will need ad-hoc, high-end data science capabilities? Number Associates has a growth strategy that starts small with the big picture in mind. Due to our relation with universities and other research institutes we stay on top of the latest, wicked-fast developments in data science.

Data Engineering

The unique mix of people, platform and processes demands unique work. We have experienced data engineers that can apply customization where needed. The result will be a clever mix of proven and customized technologies, to give you the right data. And to make sure your data science team can start analyzing immediately.

Data Protection

Data is an invaluable asset, but it comes with responsibilities and significant risk. As you conduct data science, your company will manage increasingly large datasets. These contain critical and sensitive personal data about individuals, gathered in the course of doing business. Number Associates and partners apply and advise on the highest e-privacy and security standards to protect your customer’s data, of course GDPR compliant.



The competitive bar continues to rise and makes it more important than ever to focus on the customer. Advanced analytics can be turned into a powerfull tool to understand and serve your customer better. A focus on lifetime value on top of organization costs is a great safe guard against future disruption. Number Associates can help you to break down the data transformation you desire into manageable blocks that your organization can implement.

Insurance / Finance

Insurance and finance have been using analytics for decades, but new developments especially in the field of advanced analytics have shown beneficial for both product development and marketing optimization. Number Associates supports transforming your existing eco-system into one with which you can efficiently access, understand and act on customer touchpoints in the digital space.


Data science offers the opportunity to establish a 1-on-1 relationship with your customer in a mass market situation. It would maximize the outcomes and provide an outstanding customer experience across all channels. Data science shows added value on product recommendations as well as marketing campaign calibration. Number Associates can support you in breaking down your data science challenge into smaller parts that show short return-on-investment times.

Fashion and retail

Data activation and personalization across all channels can be meaningful for the customer and profitable for your company. Capturing the cross-channel customer journey enables you to serve a different customer experience and deepen the relationship with your customer. Number Associates can support you in identifying and activating the key data science subjects that result in a competitive advantage in your industry.

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